Best Indian Caterers in UK

This is an article on Best Indian Caterers in the UK

Indian food, culture and heritage have found a world wide acceptance throughout UK, US and other countries. We find a strong influence of Indian cuisine in most popular events and catering choices of UK and British citizens. This reflects a love of Indian food, spices and cuisines among British nationals. At UK, Chicken Tikka Masala is considered to be the nation’s favorite dish. Today ‘Curry’ has also found a renowned acceptance among the UK aborigines.

Indian food is equally popular at corporate functions as it is in private parties or traditional catering for weddings in UK. The popularity of Indian food is not only restricted to Indian nationals living in UK, but thousands and thousands of British individuals who cannot deny the great taste and quality of Indian food. The richness in flavor and great diversity in taste of Indian food has listed some of the Indian caterers among UK’s best. Whether samosas or kachoris or curries, Indian traditional delicacies are widely popular in large corporate events and Asian wedding ceremonies throughout UK. Non vegetarian dishes especially fish preparation and tandoori tikkas, as well as biryani and kababs are in great demand among people of both Indian and British origins.

Vegetarian dishes are especially exotic and are of innumerable varieties in India. Few of them include Shahi Paneer, Dhosa, Dhokla, Navratan Korma etc. Use of Indian spices and those gathered from across the world, helps bring out the rich aroma and spicy flavour in innumerable tempting Indian dishes. Vegetarian dishes in India, as well as among Indians living in UK, are exceedingly important. Asian communities have plenty of vegetarians and as such there is a colorful palate of vegetarian dishes served from the best Indian catering companies. More and more people are turning vegetarians in hope to curb down heart diseases, obesity and high cholesterol.

‘Curry Special’ is one of the renowned Indian caterers of UK. Curry Special was established in the year 1985. It began as a small family- run business. What began as a modest family business has today grown into one of the biggest and most loved Indian food catering company. Over the years many Indian restaurants, catering companies and individuals have successfully established themselves in the UK catering business and in most Indian and British colonies across London. Some of these names include London Darbar, Sapna Caterers, Manglik Foods, The Mogul etc. Most of them are family run businesses.

Award winning chefs and expert planners dish out popular Punjabi and different Indian foods at the venue. They plan the theme menu as well as the dining table decor and ambience of the venue. They also serve different types of Indian cuisines, both pure vegetarian and non-vegetarian. While Punjabi foods are rich in quality, South Indian foods are known for its flavours and unique preoperational techniques. Some of these Indian caterers have successfully maintained traditional state of the art kitchen equipments like the copper utensils and the well made cylindrical clay ovens and charcoal tandoors. The Indian Caterers provide everything from traditional delicacies to highest quality fresh cuisines.

People who are recruited into this business have significant knowledge of hospitality and Indian cuisines. Some of the Chefs are great learned individuals who have considerable experience and expertise to manage such huge enterprises. The best Indian caterers have picked together and brought to place some of the outstanding individuals of catering business. Food are prepared on site and also brought together at site from far off places. All this is done by maintaining the freshness and the authenticity of each and every ingredient of Indian cuisines.