BBQ Indian Caterers and Bar-Be-Que catering

This is an article on Indian BBQ Caterers in the UK

Every occasion is special, and all occasions need perfect celebration. Occasions like gallery opening, bridal shower, camp-fire, book signing, rehearsal dinner or even common festive occasions are more than a simple get together or celebration time. Barbeque parties are quite apt for such occasions. Especially Indian BBQ dishes suites perfectly well with any outdoor catering. It is easy to manage and quite smoothly cooked with fewer ingredients.

A party needs the right ambience and special attitude to go flawlessly well with an occasion. Between this you need the supreme touch of some delicious food to suit the fantasy and senses of masses. Food is the focal point and star of any Indian catering event. It needs to be exquisitely arranged and sublimed well with the surrounding décor. Especially Britons and Indians living in UK love Indian barbeque.

As long as the food suits the taste, smell and sight– The celebration is an outstanding success. To make the event special, and happening you need to appeal to the senses and guests in general. Delicious, tasty kabab or the pure raw tandoor smell of the Indian cuisines makes Indian Barbeque so special among the UK clients.

Magic juicy tastes of meat, kabab, beef or Pork are hard to resist. The delicious taste of Indian food cooked over charcoal in the warmer months of UK is a sure hit among the Britons. They love to cook different traditional dishes on Indian Chulas. Chulas are similar to the modern day gas or Electric Grill. The chicken or meat are first marinated with spices and then put on the tandoor to heat it for cooking. Kebabs are a particularly favorite among all Indian foods. Even meat and other vegetables are prepared in the same way with spices.

India is a diverse region and as such cuisines have passed down from generations with an intact tradition. With abundant variety of spices, India has had a great way of cooking, grilling and BBQ.

Some Indian Barbeque dishes that you can include in your menu are:

Among Meats:
• Tandoori Murgh - It is Barbecued whole chicken marinated with tandoori masala
• Sali Seekh - Juicy meat kebabs on skewer
• Malai Murgh Tikka - Boneless chicken marinated with yogurt
• Chicken Reshmi Kebab – Spicy Chicken on Indian Chula

On Rice and Naan:
• Saffron Pilaf - Saffron flavored rice with butter
• Naan - Flat Bread that are characteristic to Indian region (it goes well with most vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes)

On Vegetable dishes:
• Bhutta - Roasted corn (Children love them specially salted and applied with lemon juice)

On Salads and Chutneys (goes well with a barbeque):
• Aloo Ka Raita - Potato Salad
• Kachumber - Indian salad (Salsa type)
• Mint Raita - Mint flavored yogurt dip (Spicy)
• Mint Chutney
• Onion Salat - Pickled onions

Fruits 'n Desserts (apt for barbeque dishes):
• Mango Ice cream
• Mangoes – Fruits
• Lassi - Cool flavored yogurt drink
• Grilled Pineapple with Cool Whip

Typically ginger, garlic, chilies and other spices and vegetables of Indian origins are used for the barbeque cooking. If you are looking for the right caterer for your party or event then it is best to depend on an Indian Barbeque caterer. They are one of the best in the market yet cheap and on the budget.

BBQ Services generally include:
• Fabulous food
• Creative canapés
• Dazzling drinks
• Smart and slick catering staff
• Exquisite entertainment
• Lighting and AV
Some renowned names on Indian Barbeque catering include Indus Catering (excellent Indian vegetarian caterers, Curry Special, BBQ Catering UK, Senior Kangs and others.