Indian Event Caterers and food at Indian Events

This is an article on Indian Events Caterers in the UK

In recent years, Indian Event Catering businesses in the UK, especially Indian Wedding Catering across the world, have increased in popularity. Affordable pricing, the freshest ingredients and strong commitment to quality are the three basic factors defining Indian Event Catering. What has been the staple diet of Indians for more than a century is now widely accepted by people across the world. Indian cuisine has undergone a sea change in taste and cooking methods owing to the development of innovative cooking technologies. In the UK you will find a variety of Indian manu styles which are extremely popular. Worth mentioning are the Chicken tikkas and tandoori chicken preparations, a favourite with most UK residents.

India is a land of multicultural races. Indian spices and food are just as varied. In India, Kashmiri, Hyderabadi, Rajasthani, Gujarati, Goan, Maharashtrian, Bengali and Mughlai cuisines are widely enjoyed. In UK and US, they are equally loved and coveted. An Indian company, Events Etc is one of the premier Indian event catering businesses of London. Few other names to recon with in the Indian catering business in the UK are: The Curry Special, Sukhdev’s, The Saffron House, Vama Direct, Balti Bazar etc. As family run event catering businesses, these are some of UK’s finest.

Starting from wedding receptions to hot or cold buffets, canapé parties, corporate lunches, dinner parties, theme parties and summer BBQ's, Indian event caterers serve all types of corporate and private events in London. A few party favourites consist of Chicken Tikka and Seekh Kebabs. Traditional Indian menu include Makhani Chicken, Methi Chicken, Karahi Gosht, etc.

Non vegetarian meat-based cuisines including lamb, goat and chicken preparations form the basis of many event parties in the UK. Trout fish is considered a delicacy in Indian Kashmiri food. Sweets from Bengal like Rasogullas', 'cham cham', 'gulab jamuns', 'chena murki', 'rajbhog', 'anarkali' etc. are coveted desserts in most events. Indian snacks, especially crisp singaras or samosas, are a definite treat at house parties and local events.

A large population of Indians in the UK, as well as native Brits, are fond of vegetarian food. Quality Indian vegetarian dishes are highly in demand among the vegetarian communities in London. Dhokla, Upma, Idli, Poha, vegetable-tikki, samosas, vegetable curry and dal are among the most favourite Indian vegetarian dishes. Indian event catering businesses offer special Indian vegetarian menus to suit all occasions. Indian staple food includes rotis, nans or rice. A majority of the British population are exceedingly fond of bread. Teamed with mouth watering Indian meat preparations, as well as vegetarian dishes, the Indian bread is extremely popular across restaurants in the UK.

Most Indian restaurants offer a wide and varied spread of scrumptious Indian curries, snacks and BBQ dishes. From vegetarian delights like matar paneer, sagh paneer, aloo dum, parathas, dal fry to non vegetarian foods like sagh chicken, mutton korma, fish tandoori, murg makhani, you can select your heart’s desire. And it does not stop there! Pick from a list of succulently sweet Indian desserts to complete your authentic Indian meal.

Indian event catering prices are surprisingly affordable without compromising on quality services. Prompt delivery and excellent customer service are the highlights of Indian event catering in UK. Reflecting the vibrancy of the Indian culture and sweetness of hospitality, Indian event catering companies in the UK brings to you the best of Indian food.

Serving delicious Indian food is the topmost priority for most Indian event catering services in the UK. However despite the huge variety and diversity of Indian cuisine, some might find it hard to adapt to the profuse use of spices in the dishes provided by a traditional Indian caterer.