Indian Restaurants Catering and Indian Caterers

This is an article on Indian Restaurant Caterers in the UK

Indian food and cuisine has influences of different religions, region and culture. There is a significant use of spices as an ingredient in Indian cuisine. Indian cuisines are known to the world for its spicy tangy tastes and delicious flavours. Spicy Indian curries and cuisines are highly sought after in different events and occasions. Not only in India but authentic Indian food is available in different restaurants and places around the world. Some has undergone modifications according to the countries and choices of people. Indo- Chinese cuisines are a new stock of Indian food preparations.

The restaurant catering service has been very popular in the recent years. A significant boom of Indian restaurant catering services has been witnessed in recent years. This was largely possible due to the widespread network of communication throughout India. Also the concept of dining in restaurants has become a popular idea in Indian youths of present days.

Most restaurants offer formal dining and luncheon opportunities. Side by side they cater Indian vegetarian and non- vegetarian dishes to the events. These events may range from weddings, parties, bridal showers, Christmas and birthday parties, to corporate events like opening of shops, books or formal get together. Indian catering services has seeped into the heart and soul of people in India as well as citizens of Europe and UK. A large population of British nationals is particularly fond of Indian food and cuisines. The availability of all ingredients in the market has increased the potential of Indian restaurant catering businesses.

Famous Indian cuisines from Indian restaurant caterers include:

• Butter Chicken
• Chicken Afgani
• Chicken Drumsticks
• Murgh Makhani
• Chicken Pakora
• Chicken Tikka Masala
• Chilli Chicken
• Murg Musallam
• Saag Chicken

• Bhindi Bhaji
• Paneer Makhana Curry
• Vegetable Curry

• Roti
• Naan
• Parathas

• Rasamalai
• Laddoo
• Jalebi

Indian restaurant cuisine dominates over the catering businesses in UK. There are as many as 10,000 Indian restaurants services, in operation. Some of them have even made their way to the Michelin Guide’s list of exceptionally good European restaurants. Indian restaurants and catering services in UK go back a long way back to the 19th centuries when the British ruled India. From the late sixties there was a significant immigration of Indian citizens to the UK area. Most of these families entered in the Indian restaurant catering businesses in UK. Part of this popularity of Indian food is owing to the two centuries of association of Indian cuisine and UK. Intihas and Punjab happens to be the oldest Indian restaurant catering businesses in UK. There are few other Indian caterers as well namely Vama direct, The Curry Special, Omi’s Restaurant, Mint leaves catering, etc.

Americans on the other hand are not so open to the high levels of spices in Indian food. North America and Europe are considerably open or unclosed to the advancement. Though in US, the business of Indian restaurant service is not so significant but in UK about 2.5 million citizens feed to Indian food every week. This has led to the signicant boom of Indian restaurant catering. It was estimated by the British Food standard agency that Indian food Industry counts to about £3.2 billion. That is a huge amount compared to the total value of food industry in United Kingdom.

The Indian restaurant caterers offer versatile cuisines that offer tasteful, friendly, top notch, helpful, and responsive services in Indian culinary arts. Indian restaurant catering services are dedicated to exquisite culinary presentations. They combine quality with superior experience and professionalism.